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Janet Peters is a winner at the One Voice Awards 2019 that took place in London under the category of Best International Performance by a Female for her piece titled “Keep Going”.

She’s also been nominated in the 2019 SOVAS, Voice Arts Awards in the Outstanding Commercial-TV or Web, Best Voiceover category.

Janet has given her voice to Nestle Fitness, Chevrolet, United Health Care, The Jazz Record Mart, Columbia College and Ikea. Janet has also lent her voice talents to Family Office Exchange where she played 2 roles in one-30 second spot. She played the voice of a senior female for The Geneva Foundation for Presbyterian Homes, did the voice of a senior in a film where her work was noted as outstanding.

Whether you need a mature knowledgable voice or a sultry female voice, Janet delivers the pitch.

“Distinctive” hardly comes close to describing the sound quality Janet delivers and she personifies the motto, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." 

Janet Peters is always ready to help you get the voice you need. She can be alluring, confident, compassionate, comforting, sexy, spiritual, mature, warm, friendly, genuine, caring, nurturing, funny, dramatic, and serious.