About Janet Peters

Janet Headshot photo copy.jpg

Janet has given her voice to Chevrolet. Janet has also lent her voice talents to Family Office Exchange where she played 2 roles in one-30 second spot, The Jazz Record Mart, Columbia College, has played the voice of a senior female for The Geneva Foundation For Presbyterian Homes, did the voice of a senior in a film where her work was noted outstanding. She has done work for Polk Brother's Sound Alarms, Deal Lease Cadillac to name just a few. Whether you need a mature knowledgable voice or a sultry female voice, Janet delivers the pitch. Distinctive doesn't even get close to the sound quality Janet delivers and she lives by the Motto, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Janet Peters is always ready to help you get the voice you need. She can be alluring, confident, compassionate, comforting, sexy, spiritual, mature, senior, warm and friendly, genuine, caring, nurturing, funny, and serious. Her vocals can sound like a female Morgan Freeman, a young Lucille Ball, Helen Mirren's tone and many have said Oprah Winfrey.